Life in the countryside is an idyll?

Idyll on England´s countryside

We have actually been citizens for numerous years. Previously, we had metropolitan life, Prague, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona …

The town attracted us like a magnet, possibly due to the fact that the quantity of lead in the blood has actually climbed precariously, or perhaps it is merely incorrect romanticism and also imagine barefoot kids, coming in yard, saturating legs in the stream, fowl’s early morning piano, an ideal life …

Whatever was satisfied as well as in spite of (unlike looks) greater expense of living, due to the fact that we have 15 kilometres to the city, and also kids need to cannot the preschool and also fulfill the customer, do buying, most likely to the medical professional, we would certainly never ever return to the city. The initial cool with the fresh woodland air, the tranquil disturbed by tits, wagtail and also retusa, the blades of yard in between the fingers as well as the eco-friendly sights outside the home window imitate a medicine that often intends to run away, however eventually there is a big sucking. You could not stand it and also you need to go back to shed on your own in the silence once more, and also take a breath a sigh of alleviation.

Direct contact with life in countryside
We likewise invest the summertime Sundays in a lodge in Swołowo, a town filled with checkered residences, white pincers-tongs as well as inhumanly type individuals with ruddy cheeks and also straw extending from the footwear. The unearthly aromas of buns with blueberries, racuchy inning accordance with the pre-war dish, lime-washed wall surfaces and also zurek, lead our detects to Heaven craziness. Kid captivated with wood playthings, rolling rounds of straw, depending on the hay and also paid attention to fairy tales with open mouths, appear like heavenly, as well as we do not intend to return from this obscenely savage fact, even more actual compared to the speeding, behind the wood entrances.

Life in the countryside is fantastic …

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