You want to have chickens and I wonder, does this make sense?


A growing number of individuals select poultries. Below are 10 needs to have poultries.

1. Action to self-sufficiency

If you expand your personal veggies and also kompostujecie organic wastes that you are relocating the ideal instructions to self-reliance. Reproducing hens is another action to becoming independent, a minimum of for the eggs as well as plant food. It’s difficult to explain the sensation that incorporates me when I accumulate eggs I seem like I obtained a benefit for looking after these fantastic birds. Or perhaps it’s the feeling of neighborhood in this procedure (chicken-egg-man … I have no idea, however definitely it is an extremely pleasant feeling!

2. The wonderful preference of eggs.Great taste of the egg

Possibly, have actually listened to evaluations that the eggs acquired in the shop preference various compared to those from the town faucet. Most definitely verify this. When I worked out in the town got eggs from the next-door neighbors. Currently I have my very own. The distinction in preference can be because of numerous factors. It might rely on just what they fed the hens where they are as well as just how much they have living room. Additionally vital is the variable of inspiration of the dog breeder. It is recognized that big ranches concentrated on amount and also out high quality. Obviously, is that by expanding your very own poultries, you have the possibility to manage exactly what your hens consume and also for that reason which parts will certainly be consisted of in the egg. It is because of this I expand my hens, since I recognize that I consume, and also it’s not such as the preference of eggs from my set that has the name Krysia.

3. Surplus eggs can be marketed

The poultry makes an egg each day, yet not every. We could think that 10 hens will certainly be 7-10 eggs a day, which is a great outcome. As in the past– knock on wood– I handle to maintain a high nieśność as well as market the excess greater than 150 eggs each week (with 48 laying chickens). Due to the fact that I’m not set for revenue, I could purchase for it one of the most pricey on the marketplace bio-feed as well as grain, as well as I remain in the black. My eggs do not have an ecological certification. The certification deserves, and also with a handful of poultries, it is not required to play it. Hens I expand primarily for individual usage, so feed them well, however as an excess, will certainly constantly want.

4. Vibrant eggs without coloringblue eggs

Among the objectives of my reproduction was to pick a type of hen to have actually tinted eggs. I such as heaven, coming under a somewhat green aging shade. Use them under Araucana hens. Obviously, these eggs have little cholesterol.

When it comes to the shade of my rounds crane, along with these azure-greenish from Araucany, I Leghornów white, lotion Karmazynów, from Australorpów off-white and also dark brownish from Maransów. Lately there are some unpredictable tones of brownish, from my little crossbreeds. Basket loaded with eggs in pastel colours still thrills me.

5. Kuroterapiafunny sounds

Hens are rather reluctant, however these are elevated from little Chicks and also oswajane to the touch they can be really pleasant.

No question, soothe my anxiety. When I’m sad I most likely to the cage, I take a seat and after that my penis enter my lap, touching me. When I speak with him delicately, they shut their eyes as well as make amusing noises. To the touch they are cozy and also smooth, similar to silk. Was such a poultry I could take place without end, as well as it does not trouble me that they obłocone legs or occasionally release a little. Sufficient for me 15 mins of such therapy, and also I really feel much better. Nonetheless, this is not simply my viewpoint. If the search system you will certainly get in the password “kuroterapia” will certainly have a write-up concerning you, a psycho therapist from Bialystok, which deals with individuals at sundown. As well as does this not stun me.

6. Brewchicken meat

You could increase poultries for meat, offered that you have not a problem with the dead as well as wypatroszeniem the bird. This procedure does not relate to enjoyment, yet a person ought to do it. Also as not reproducing hens for meat, after that will certainly emerge a scenario when you require kurce to minimize experiencing when she’s harmed or unwell. Although the meat hens much more pricey residence from the shop, yet a lot more successful to maintain laying chickens as well as offer eggs than to invest it on meat.

Directly the soup, I just fowls, like the fowls I was increasing for eggs. Ubijam them myself, yet they are not obtaining you due to the fact that I can not. The awareness that from the little circle they go, Rub or even a hug will not let me ingest the meat. Cocks I constantly have an excess as a result of personal wylęgów them, mainly half or perhaps extra. The brew of the penis to cook for my family, et cetera of the carcass I market to buddies. I assume I do not tell You just how the preference of the meat homemade hen.

7. Plant food from the cage

Poultries create a wonderful all-natural plant food, which przekompostowany can be made use of in the yard. The make-up of the plant food of poultry mainly depends upon exactly what they feed the poultries, however normally consists of a great deal of nitrogen as well as calcium. Additionally, has a high pH around 7.5, that is odkwasza the ground. As a result, kurzak we utilized to feed the lavender, as this plant is it enjoys planet antacids. On top of that, a compost of straw kurzakiem we make use of in the yard. Enhances the dirt with humus as well as safeguards it prior to frost.

8. Much less food lostEat the peel

Hens, like individuals, are animals wszystkożernymi. Want to consume some food, which so frequently toss. Consume the peelings, skins as well as husks, as well as in some cases you could also provide a little healthy protein, that is meat scraps from supper (with any luck, not the poultry!). It is very important that the remains were not rotten and also moldy.

9. Terrific education and learning for children

Youngsters maturing in the visibility of the poultries have contact with nature. Figure out where the egg originates from and also find out the fundamental guidelines of life. Kids aiding to look after poultries find out ways to be accountable, constant as well as with the ability of sacrifice. These high qualities will certainly help them later on in life, not just when dealing with the hens.

10. Hedgehogs are so charming!children with small chickens

Possibly it’s not a great need to select hens, however hens are multi-day, probably, one of the most lovely animals in the animal globe. Tough to withstand to such pisklaka not to increase as well as not to touch. The communication of kids with reduced kurczętami favorable impact on the advancement of one as well as 2. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that such a pleasant little chick simply 4 weeks, yet later on as you mature it ends up being extremely helpful, as well as we will certainly enjoy him for one more factor.

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